What Impact?

Last night we watched the dvd of Amelia, capturing the courageous expeditions of Amelia Earheart, aviatrix. Since it stuck to the historical record of what happened to her, there was no surprise about her final attempt to fly around the world. Obviously she and her co-pilot were left for missing after their communication system failed. Yet it left me thinking, “wow – I really admire her courage and determination”.

Her overall impact was based partly on how she intended to live, partly on how she related to those around her, the message she shared with women and also on what she focused her life’s work on.

No wonder I spent the rest of the night engrossed in the impact each of us makes during our lifetime.

Sometimes we forget, like George Bailey, that we are impacting people around us. We treat people around us like we treat ourselves, and deal with responsibilities in a way that demonstrates our confidence or lack of it. In the meantime, we are impacting those around us by our attitudes. We may not realize how we have boosted somebody’s day, lifted their spirits, given them a role model or a new lease on life. Simply because we persevered.

When it’s not all about us, we focus on the world around us. When we aren’t so caught up in our own opinions or beliefs, we may also learn from those in our life.

What impact do you want to make? Do you want to help? Then notice how others are helping. Do you want to serve? Then notice the service of others. Do you want to show courage, demonstrate commitment, make a difference? See that of others.

Intend to see what you intend to do. Amelia did. Eventually George Bailey did also. When we purposefully go about our days, not just with a personal plan but one intent in observing others, we reflect that purpose. This has been my lesson in life – to reflect what I see, not just what I want. I still haven’t learned the lesson, so I state it here, in the company of others, to be accountable to it.

What impact do you want to make?

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