What Works for You?

One of my clients, Amy, recently revealed a hilarious, if not startling, mindshift. She is the same one who has proclaimed her distaste for selling.

“I now have started my prospecting, but I no longer see it that way.”

Her serious demeaner showed a glimpse of a smirk coming through. Clearly, she was having fun.

“I now think of sales as nothing more than a dating relationship. So when it comes to prospecting, what I realize I’m doing is stalking. I love stalking. I am really getting into this sales thing now!”

Do you hate selling? Do what Amy does. Reframe your thinking by making it something you love.

Maybe you are more the researcher, perhaps the scientist. Discovery or experimentation would be the approach you’d take. Maybe you’re the private investigator. If so, let your gumshoe tactics kick into gear.

Apply the activity you enjoy to your selling and you will find yourself in a different mindset, motivated. Just a friendly piece of advise.

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