What you intend, you attract

It’s Friday morning – the best work day for most of us, for we see the end in sight. Chances are good it’s easier to get out of bed this morning than other days through the week.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Someone about to plod through the day? Someone ready to take it on? You see what others see, and therefore what you will attract.

Intend to be, to have, to do those things that support what you are gifted in, strong in and what you value. For instance, I value the ability to say what’s on my mind. Through this I intend to help others say what they want to say, even with confidence! Yet there are days I am not focused on others. In those days, I am not intentional, and it shows. I close off, hide out and generally do nothing more than pamper myself. Although those days are needed for me to feel energized to help others, if I don’t focus my intentions the next day to do so, I will not attract the possibilities for living my values.

When I live intentionally, I am relaxed into my talents. I also help others relax into who they are being, what they are doing and can help them get what they want.

Look in the mirror. Do you see someone intentional? Steven M. R. Covey says you can become intentional by remembering your motives, declaring them and then choosing to discover abundance in results. Look around – you’ll see many signs of divinity supporting you. You just have to know what you’re looking for. Get intentional.

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