What Your Audiences Fear

When I first started speaking in front of attorneys, I feared they would not value topics in communication.

Why? I didn’t relate to their world. Their training, their intelligence, their experiences all seemed a world apart from mine. Could I position the value I experience in such a way as to relate to them? If not, I would be wasting their time.

Fortunately I quickly learned several ways to relate to attorneys, and therefore, I learned how to NOT waste their time.

The number one fear of our very important listeners is we will waste their time.

Who are your listeners? Jury, judge, client, prospect, practice group team, associates, etc. To be in good standing with them and win the chance to influence them, focus on two things.

1. Hone your message to immediately connect with what’s important to them.

Speak their language. (results, conscientiousness, relationship, peace of mind) Connect to their decision-making style (visual, audio, kinesthetic). Relate to their world through metaphor and anecdotes.

2. Then deliver the goods. Your delivery is key. Use a pace that supports their engagement. Use eye contact and tone appropriately. Be prepared and confident.

Your audiences don’t want to wish they were elsewhere. Don’t waste their time. They are with you. Give them the value they deserve.

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