What’s the Plan?

Today is Friday, typically a planning day for me. It’s the day I catch up with my communication,  account for my recent appts, look ahead at my next week so I can create a strategy for being prepared for it, and gather information tied to presentation requests. It’s a big day full of focused, proactive tasks.

I love Fridays.

I don’t mix appointments into my Fridays, for that disrupts the discipline and follow-through of too many pieces of my work. On Fridays I see where my impact has been, I discover what lies ahead and get motivated for future activity.

Yesterday I talked about purpose (Bold or Purposeful?), recalling our talents and desire to use them. If you ask yourself, “What am I good at? What are my gifts/talents?” you get affirmation of value.

But don’t stop there. Purpose is strengthened when tied to planning.

Create a system of follow-through so you continue to see your work in action. This leads to a routine that, although inflexible, creates integrity. Decide how often you need to step back for reflection and which questions you will ask yourself.

After I ask myself about my talents and how I have used them, I ask
“What do I need to do to exceed the expectations of others?”

For business’ sake, this drives my ability to follow-through with my systems. For relationship sake, this creates interest, respect and leads to trust. For humility’s sake, this affirms my purpose.

When do you track your progress and focus on your goals? What’s your system? What’s the plan?

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