When it comes to breaking down communication barriers

Those of you who know me or have been reading my posts already know I am a product of my own life lessons. An introvert, I used to believe I was a flawed communicator and now understand that I simply communicate differently from the majority.

Those of you who can relate understand what I mean –  our intrapersonal, interpersonal and presentational skills are solid, as long as we believe this to be true.

When it comes to breaking down communication barriers, we get results when we get out of our own way.

Extrovert or introvert, we get in our own way. We introverts simply dwell on it more.

If you are also an introvert, dwell on this:

  • You are designed to be one of the most effective speakers. True, you may get more anxious than the extrovert, or resist the occassion more often, but you have substance, poise and willingness to prepare.
  • You are designed to be a preferred networker. Right, thinking about networking makes us sweat. But the energy level required needn’t do you in. You can network in a way that works for you, in a way that people think of you as meaningful and conscientious.
  • You engage people in ways that create trusting relationships. Just because you prefer one to one time over group time doesn’t mean you aren’t social. It means you value people for who they are. People trust those who value them.
  • You are the best advocate/voice for those who are not in the position to use their own. You take the time to discover truth, to prepare for all possibilities and you care.

When you know your value, you also know the value of others. This helps to break down communication barriers. Introverts, stand tall. You have what it takes.

But sometimes we forget. Want some more support? Please ask. Many people will benefit, including you.

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