Where Do You Draw the Lines?

My typical mode of operation includes no appointments on Friday. This allows me to stay diligent with administrative tasks of planning, preparation, scheduling and follow up with proposals, presentations or programs. So when it comes to scheduling meetings on Fridays, especially in the late afternoon, I draw the line.

Yet there are times I will bend it.

  • a client/prospect has an already scheduled group meeting that day they invite me to attend to seek counsel
  • my monthly business accountability meeting with my master mind group
  • an out of town appointment that can be tied to an out of town engagement with my band

We each need to know where we draw our lines because when we forget – or when we don’t draw them – we get frustrated with ourselves. And this leads to losing the path.

Where do you draw the lines?

Define your boundaries and you define your operational values. Also define how/when you will bend them so you establish your flexibility muscle.

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