Why We Introverts Must Learn to Ask

One of my hardest lessons in life has been asking for help.

I recall times during my high school years I would attend county fairs with friends with a limited amount of money in my pocket. So much to do with a little bit of money – eat great foods, ride thrilling rides or play games of skill.

I would walk my frugal self around, trying to decide where to give up my funds. Usually my parents where also on the fair grounds, so if I ran out of money, I could always ask for more. But I knew I wouldn’t. Instead of deciding to buy all that I wanted, I would have to decide which were my priorities.

Being frugal with money is one thing. Being frugal with time is something different. This has been a relatively recent discovery.

When we seek help we gain insight, we sharpen our efficiency and we gain motivation.

Today I needed to correct an error with my email marketing campaign’s email list button. Yesterday I created the button at the end of an hour-long phone call with a Constant Contact (my email campaign program of choice) rep, forwarded it on to my web designer and last evening learned he never received it. I guess I failed to hit “send” before advancing on to the next step in the process.

Darn it. Creating that button had taken quite awhile, and now today I had to redo it.

For awhile, in my exasperation, all I could think of is my limited window of time online, how much time I would need to brief a new tech rep from Constant Contact on what I was trying to accomplish (retrieving the code from my original button or creating a new button). All I wanted to do was cry.

What I had feared about making this call today, came about. The new tech rep was confused, didn’t understand what I was trying to create, so finally I asked for yesterday’s rep, by name. (Yes, I remembered his name!)

Within minutes James was on the phone with me, shared his insight on what different step I needed to take, boosted my efficiency while online and motivated me to address my morning with positive energy.

This pulled me from my Oh, no. Not again! attitude to a Yes! Ready to move into the rest of my day! attitude.

Introverts, what are you falling behind on? Because you and I both know when we get buried in unwelcome tasks, we ruminate. And this isn’t going to help us feel better.

Ask for help now. It supports your frugal way of life!

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