With a Little Help from my Friends

As we consider the relationships around us, key relationships and those who are dear to us, we rightly value our impact on them. Do we also value their impact on us?

Just this week, several individuals have shared both concerns and successes regarding friends and doing business.

One had taken the difficult step (in his mind) of reaching out to individuals of long-standing relationship to seek advice/assistance while prospecting. On telling his success he shared the observation that the situation wasn’t nearly as difficult or cumbersome as he expected.

“But of course,” were the responses of several of his friends. “I would be glad to help.” What a relief after he had anticipated hesitation and possible loss of friendship.

Another individual shared a need to take care in handling a possible opportunity for purchasing a friend’s business. “This is new to me,” he offered. “Not only have I never bought a business before. I want to do right by my friend. This is one of my biggest challenges right now.”

How do you feel when asking friends to help with business or business connections?

I was at a women’s leadership luncheon yesterday which focused on the theme of Asking. One of the presenters suggested, “When we ask, we allow giving to happen”. The same is when we ask friends for advice, support, assistance whether in business or personal matters.

Take care with these relationships, yet while taking care, trust that you have the relationship to ask for help. The Beatles, your mother, your boss and your friends will appreciate it.

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