Worried how you’re coming across? Get feedback.

First of all, thanks again for your download of 3 Things Great Speakers Do and introverts can, too. Didn’t request a copy? Click the above link.

If you’re like the others who request this, they practice in front of their webcams and are worried about whether they see what others see.

I get it. It’s hard to watch yourself. Let alone try to be objective as well.

So because others have sent me copies of their 3-minute video and asked for my personal, objective feedback, I want you to have the same opportunity. You’ve been working on your message, practicing your speaking and now want more insight.

If you’ve not been working on the speaking assignment in 3 Things Great Speakers Do but want feedback from something else you’re working on, videotape a 3-minute excerpt (intro, conclusion) of that speech.

Most speakers need insight on their message before they address their audience and don’t get it.

But you can get this insight. For less than $10yes, believe it – you can get my first thoughts FEEDBACK on your public speaking abilities from having watched one of your webcam videos.

Here’s what you do:

1. Save a copy of your webcam video to Vimeo or Youtube.

2. Click the Pay Now button below to register and to get my first thoughts FEEDBACK and I will schedule time to review your video.

3. Send your video link to me at merri@bdbcommunication.com, from the e-address I should respond to.

Within 24 hours, with normal traffic, I will send objective feedback.

When you’re ready to begin, start here:

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