Worry isn’t worth it’s energy!

In the past I would have stressed to have a week like this, yet this week has been exhilarating!

Yesterday I had a very important group meeting with one of my clients intent on teambuilding, despite the internal issues crippling the tone of the work environment. It was day 2 of my teambuilding process with them, the day they knew to expect issues to be deeply explored. Last week while finalizing my focus and outline, I felt concern for how people would react. The first week there was a lot of “acting out”. Eventhough I have to let people be who they are and demonstrate their typical habits, I didn’t want more problems to surface.

But I decided to relax into it, show flexibility with time and topics and have faith that we would uncover what needed uncovered. Sure enough – that’s how it turned out. As people left, they left feeling the meeting was productive, that people had had their say, that issues were addressed, people were owning responsibility and progress happened.

I think it was because I didn’t push. I didn’t try to do too much – I let people have the time to interact as they needed to. And since I told myself that’s what would happen, I let it.

Worry isn’t worth the energy! It’s so much more productive and refueling to have faith in your strategy. That’s what happened today as well. I addressed the Ohio Women’s Bar Association. This group was open, positive, eager to hear more and had great participation. It was so unlike I had originally imagined them. Yet I realized that they were RSVPing in large numbers – more than typical – because the topic was of interest. So today I told myself to relax into it.

As it turned out, again it worked.

In the past I would have over thought both of these instances, giving too much information, stressing that I wasn’t qualified for what was needed, and then living out the self-described prophecy. Not anymore. I’ve learned worry isn’t worth the energy.

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