You are a Public Speaker When

Most of us consider only the obvious- when we stand up in front of an audience is when we are public speakers. When it comes to how often you publicly speak, think beyond the obvious.

You are a public speaker when

  • you have co-workers who seek your input and/or observe you at work
  • you are a leader being asked for advice
  • you develop business while networking and/or speaking to groups
  • you handle clients face to face
  • you train in person
  • you advocate in court or other public environments
  • you motivate those around you, orally

How many categories do you relate to? Even if only one, you are a public speaker. And as a public speaker, it behooves you to do 3 key things. Find confidence with speaking up. Clarify your message. And you do what it takes to relate your message to the interest and needs of your listeners.

Are you doing these 3 things? If you haven’t thought of yourself as a public speaker, you may not be.

But if you have experienced any barriers to personal confidence, to being clear about what you think and how you say it, or to others’ willingness to hear you it may be time to develop your public speaking skills. Don’t fear it. Do something about it.

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