You are building 1 of 2 things

As my minister so aptly put it a few days ago, we each build either walls or bridges. And as I thought through this in length, I realized I have in many times in my life contributed to both groups. Today I ask you to consider what you wish to build in 2013.

If business is what you want, maybe credibility, recognition and reward, then avoid walls.  We introverts have so much to offer the world around us. Our knowledge and thoroughness are boundless. Yet when we get behind our books or computers or legal pads, we lose time and opportunity. We may have intentions of getting out to connect with people, but something keeps us inside. Perhaps it’s comfort.

Staying inside weakens relationships.

Relationships with practice group members, direct reports, clients, business community and other key relationships all suffer when we stay in our own safe, comfortable worlds. Lawyers know this as well as other business professionals.

Building walls does only one thing: keeps us on the outside of opportunity.

Build bridges instead. We must get out, get connected and use a system that continually gets us out and in relationship with people. Otherwise we build nothing but walls.

When we build bridges we gain access to credibility, profitability and happiness.


Let me say this another way. When we get out of our caves – our home, car, cubicle and office  – we act as though something other than ourselves matters. These unselfish actions put us in contact with people, which motivates relationship-building, dialogue, expertise and opportunity, including the opportunity to share what we’re good at!

In 2013, make an effort to build bridges. Open your door, your mouth, your mind and your business to opportunity. Sure, you may be a lawyer, but you’re not practicing if you are not open for business.


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