You Need to Stand Out. Here’s How.

You have your reasons.

You need to initiate business, to be the role model, or to instill confidence for some other reason. And you need to do this, now.

What do you naturally think about? Probably what makes you unique. And when you think about your own novelty you go down one of two paths. Either you believe you are unique and valuable, or you believe you aren’t.

Truth is, yes, you are unique and valuable. You have your personal value or you wouldn’t be here. But it’s not important for me to believe this. It’s important you do.

So figure it out. What makes you unique? If you can’t answer this for yourself, find out from those who know you well. It’s not a bad idea to get others’ perspective, anyway. And so the conversation doesn’t feel so one-sided, let those other individuals know how they are unique and valuable to you.

When it comes to standing out, observers notice two types of skills: task-focused and people-focused. One will naturally surface more than the other for us, but we have levels of each. Keep this in mind when you focus on your uniqueness. You will feel best prepared to stand out when you can rely on something you’ve already developed within each type.

Next, apply what you’ve learned to your current need. For instance, let’s say you need to stand out to instill confidence among your co-workers. You’re a recent hire, or you just got promoted into a leadership position. Your desire to stand out may be based on making sure you are visible, accessible or competent.

If you have learned from a trusted source that while you are honest (people skill) you are also strong in follow-through (task skill), then use this approach to start conversations with your peers and direct reports or boss. Use what is valuable about you to help you accomplish your goal.

When it comes to preparing to stand out, it’s easy to fall into barrier-producing patterns of self-doubt. Although they make you anxious, they actually can help you feel comfortable based on familiarity of commonly doubting oneself. But barrier patterns don’t help you be purposeful nor use your favorable qualities when you need to stand out.  It’s the wrong path to go down. Focus on your value and apply it to your existing circumstances. Then enjoy the results your task and people skills help you accomplish.

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