You’ll Easily Recognize Your Growth

photo credits – Dr. S. Pinna, MD
This morning I was reflecting on what it takes to have Explosive Personal Growth, as Dan Rockwell calls it. We aren’t talking about gradual growth – the kind any of us sees through time as we mature in our focus and skillsets. Rockwell is talking about the kind of growth that few realize. He suggests this happens when we are willing to put ourselves “out there”. When we haven’t tested ourselves yet, but we know the benefit this test will bring- although frightening- will be freeing.
Rockwell claims getting used to discomfort is the key to explosive growth. How do we recognize when our growth is exploding?

As a public speaking and communication skills coach, I have noticed a pattern with those who are exploding.

1. They push me to push them. Simply having the desire to be coached isn’t enough. There is an incessant, driven commitment toward improvement. Although this attribute comes early in life, it can be a product of life circumstances that push us to survive and then thrive. Are you in survival mode? If so, you are only minimally growing. Once you hit thrival mode, your attitude is expectant. You will begin looking for ways to test yourself further without fear of pain. That’s the number one distinction – no fear of pain. Survival fears pain. Thrival expects it.

2. They don’t wait for praise. They wait for critical feedback. Success means little to them. They have navigated through the easy steps and are looking down the road for strategy to deal with bigger issues. They are calm. They are relentless. They have a vision. Along the way, they require big picture feedback – not only praise, but also critique, suggestions, corrections.

3. They shift from people focus to task focus. If reputation and recognition were once important to them, that has shifted to the background. Now results and conscientiousness take precedence. Their mind, not their emotions is now engaged.

Want explosive growth?  Compare yourself to these attributes. When you think you are ready to face discomfort, to seek critical guidance and test the waters of your ability, give me a call. You will be speaking to audiences, building business, managing yourself and leading others in ways you before only hoped.

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